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Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Paul Goldstein is outspoken in just about in everything he does, whether photographing, guiding, presenting or fund-raising. His jobs consist of cramming in a full-time career with a tour operator, owning four safari camps in Kenya, guiding all over the world, fund-raising for tigers and other persecuted species and writing.

Through it all the ethical side of wildlife, be it just viewing it or photographing it is desperately important. ‘The ‘photo at any cost’ concept is disgracefully still-borne, it is only a photograph and to endanger either yourself or the animal in its pursuit is reprehensible. Just as fraudulent and questionable are those who take tame animals and pretend they are wild or cook their images so much in processing they bear no resemblance to the original. Just as morally derelict are those wildlife photographers who think just by taking some images they will help the species. This is bollocks, I have spent much of the past 20 years raising money for schools, boreholes, teachers, FGM programmes and natal clinics by photographing endangered animals and those images have big ancillary benefits – over £300,000 worth. This will continue. Unless local people feel a ‘warmth’ from their striped or spotted neighbour why should they protect them?

Amongst his many pet hates are Chinese traditional medicine, management consultants, politicians, absurd marketing (sorry for tautology) babble, childish wildlife presenters, meetings over six minutes long and Nikon users (that last one is a joke).

He is happiest in the Conservancies of the Masai Mara. Among his closest friends are Chris Packham, Simon Reeve and Mark Carwardine, once or twice they have even agreed with him. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Paul's Mission

Paul Goldstein has raised over £200,000 with his Worth More Alive campaign for the protection of Bengal tigers and by the end of May 2020 wants to raise another £100,000.

2020 marks 10 years since Paul first ran the London Marathon in his – now legendary – tiger suit to raise money for these vulnerable animals. He and his suit have since run 15 more marathons, and conquered Kilimanjaro too, raising $200,000 in the process.

This money has built a new school, bought ambulances, patrol vehicles, drilled bore holes and funded facilities for many outlying villages. In April 2020, Paul, the tiger suit, and colleague, Jim Eite, will be participating in the London Marathon once again, closely followed by Everest basecamp trek. Then, on the 29th May they will take on the daunting Everest marathon.

Please support this brave effort by sponsoring Paul and Jim and helping them towards their ambitious target (… or you can even join them in Nepal!)

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