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Safaris And Expeditions

So glad I came out for this, you have been EXTREMELY patient with me. Best BEST entertainment and hosting I've EVER experienced on safari!! I've learnt a lot from you and your dedication, drive and passion for photography and the camp in general is very, very unusual and great to enjoy. Keep up the good work and let's do it again.
Paul Van Brussel
Five years ago, I thought that you were the man to guide me to the ice....3 trips later I'm counting my lucky stars...thanks mate for another brilliant trip. Seeing 6 bears in the same frame through that Swarovski scope was amazing, only surpassed by the fox cliffs and zodiac bears....truly a day to remember forever.
Trevor Howard
On behalf of Mike and myself, I wanted to thank you for your energy and help on what was a fantastic expedition. Interestingly, another friend also went to the Arctic with some noted photographers ( last year I think). His feedback was that they seemed mainly interested in adding to their portfolios rather than doing clinics and advice to the unwashed. Very different!
Angie and I thoroughly enjoyed our expedition....it exceeded all our high expectations....it was well worth waiting 2 years to be with you and your fantastic crew! When we shared your website with our grandkids they were gobsmacked at the unique way you captured all the animals in their natural environment Many thanks, Paul, for your endless energy and enthusiasm and for sharing your exceptional skills and stories with all of us.
Harry and Angie

Every year I lead a number of photographic safaris or expeditions in Kenya, Pantanal, Baffin Island, Antarctica, Spitsbergen and India, Kenya departs several times each year.

Every year I guide photographic safaris and expeditions, I have been doing this for 25 years. They are always popular whether it be the pursuit and photographing of leopards, polar bears, cheetahs, tigers or King Penguins.

I currently have safaris to Kenya, Brazil and India.

Please contact oren.blindell@exodus.co.uk


There are also two very exciting polar expeditions on small ice rated vessels to Spitsbergen (polar bear special) next June and the Falklands and South Georgia next October.

Please contact georgia.letts@exodus.co.uk